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Dear Graduating Class

We are very excited to announce that we’ve been able to reschedule your Prom and After Prom!

As you know, your Prom Committee has been working extremely hard with us over the last year to plan this important milestone event in your lives. We hope you’re just as excited as we are that Prom and After Prom can still happen!

While we realize that waiting for your grad celebrations is not ideal, we’d like to point out that the new timeframe means Prom will be more than a typical Prom — it will also serve as a much-welcomed class reunion!

Prom tickets will be on sale for two weeks only

One very important thing to note is that tickets for your Prom and After Prom will go on sale starting June 1st —but ONLY for 2 weeks.

Why? All tickets must be sold during this two-week window because:

  • To book a guaranteed a date in the future, we need to provide your venue with a guarantee and confirmed attendance numbers as soon as possible.
  • Space in venues is extremely limited or already sold out in some cases because of a huge increase in demand for events. Every event under the sun has been postponed!

Safety will be top priority

Even with a Prom Reunion, some of you might be concerned about safety, and rightly so. We’d like to reassure you that your Prom Committee, our event partners, and everyone at will continue to closely follow the guidance of public health experts.

Venues are taking increased preventative measures including additional cleanings; safety will continue to be our foremost priority at Prom and After Prom.

If the COVID-19 situation hasn’t improved sufficiently for Prom to be deemed safe by the rescheduled date, the event will be cancelled, and full refunds will be issued to ticket holders.

That said, we’re all remaining very optimistic about your Prom Reunion and we hope you are, too!

As always, if you or your parents have any questions or concerns whatsoever, reach out to the team by email at

We hope we’ve given you something to look forward to!

Please stay safe and healthy,

The Team

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