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Dear Parents & Graduating Class of 2023

After the unprecedented global pandemic — during which students nationwide demonstrated outsized flexibility, tenacity, and endurance —we are delighted to confirm that Prom and After Prom are poised to be better than ever.

Prom is a milestone occasion distinguished by a rush of excitement, glamourous outfits, music, and the mix of emotions that signal the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. We look forward to celebrating the 2023’s graduates safely, sensibly, and with all the dazzle they deserve. As has always been the case with, student safety and well-being at Prom is our top priority. is the recognized national leader in helping students to imagine and achieve memorable Proms. We have successfully worked with hundreds of schools across Canada over 25 years. We are uniquely qualified to help graduates execute their once-in-a-lifetime Prom while adapting to the demands of the times.

Please get in touch with any questions at or check-out our FAQs. It’s time to gear up for Prom!

The Team

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